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Converge Retreat 2016

This weekend, I had the opportunity to lead a retreat at Camp Caroline for about 120 young adults. This retreat was hosted by McKernan and open to people from all across the province. God moved in a profound way this weekend and I wanted to use my blog to briefly share about some of what happened!

In order to frame what I believe happened, it will be helpful to share a prophetic picture that a friend of mine had a few months back. He said that while he was praying for the Baptist Church, he got this picture of a tree with deep roots. The two of us continued to pray together and we I saw that, while the roots were deep, they were only drawing water from a certain level. Below where the roots were reaching was a whole new water table and it would only take the roots to go a little bit deeper to reach that level. Once that level was reached, the tree would flourish as it now was drawing from a deeper level. I discerned that the deeper level we would be drawing from was the revelation of John 4: that Jesus’ followers would worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The revelation was not that there would be a balance between the two, where we have ‘half Spirit – half truth’ or even a tension between the two, where at times we’d have ‘75% Spirit and 25% truth. The deep revelation that I believe God gave to me was that we would reach a place where we realize our worship is 100% Spirit and 100% Truth, for we cannot truly have one without the other, in fullness!


With this in the back of my mind and a commitment to pray daily for the purposes of God, we set forth on a retreat where our primary focus was going to be on discovering and exploring the nature of Holy Spirit and learning about how Holy Spirit is still at work today in and through the Church.

Praying for this retreat, I had 2 major words going through my head – repentance, and expectation. The first word had to do with the reality that many of us in more traditional denominations, I believe, have limited the Holy Spirit because we have put God into our ‘rational’ box and anything that doesn’t fit inside of our ‘rational’ box simply cannot be of God. The problem with this line of thinking is that the New Testament never paints a rational picture of God and the Church – the New Testament paints a supernatural picture of God and the Church where miracles were an everyday phenomenon and regular people were empowered by the Spirit to do extraordinary things. I believe that these miracles and phenomenon were not limited to the Bible times and that, when we expect the Holy Spirit to move in this way and when we keep our eyes fixed on the giver of the gifts rather than the gifts themselves, God moves! Anyways, I felt the word repentance because I believe that we have been offended with the Holy Spirit when He has done something beyond our expectations (I am guilty of this too). We also needed to repent of all of the jokes that we’ve made about Baptist Churches… like ‘O, Baptists’ don’t speak in tongues’ or ‘typical Baptist, no one was clapping’ and things like this…

The second word was expectation. On Wednesday night, we were praying for the event. God’s word says that He is able to do abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine… so that’s what we prayed, that God would do abundantly more than all we ask or imagine! We expected that God would hear our prayers. On a side note, I, Kirsten, and some of our good friends have been praying for YEARS that God’s Spirit would move in a powerful way in McKernan, and I believe that those prayers were answered this weekend!

12509833_10205825215695134_8814129235612252342_nOn Friday night, I shared my testimony and spoke about how I have seen Holy Spirit at work in my own life. My hope in doing this was to help ‘de-mystify’ some of the things that can scare us when it comes to Holy Spirit and ways that He has been at work. I also hoped that my testimony would help to break down some of the impact that an intellectual relationship with God as opposed to a vibrant relationship with the Person of God can have on our spiritual lives (this session was recorded and will be available in the next few weeks online).

After my talk, I led the group in a time or repentance and filling. I asked those present to prayerfully discern ways that they may have been offended by Holy Spirit or allowed lack of belief/wrong views of the Spirit to hinder their understanding of their identity as followers of Christ. After this, we prayed that the Spirit would fill us anew. This was a profound night and I know that some people received Spiritual gifts and others were deeply touched as they realized that God is still at work today in an incredible way.

On Saturday morning, I gave a much more practical teaching on Holy Spirit – what the Bible has to say about the person of God, both identity and activity. It was a fun time of opening the word together and really pursuing what it means for God’s word to move from our heads to our hearts.

12469486_10205825270736510_2306750302888641661_o-2On Saturday night, Luc Niebergall, leader of Royal Identity ministries in Calgary came and spoke to us about the reality of God’s Kingdom today. He shared numerous stories of how God has moved through him and his friends and he also spent some time talking about how he has been compelled through the word of God to believe for miracles in his life. After this, he said that the best way to learn it would be to experience it, so he had those who had back pain stand. He had those seated around them pray for them and a few of those people were miraculously healed! He then had us continue to pray for those who needed healing, both physically and emotionally.

12491967_10205825279656733_6214290262667897649_oA few people had their knees healed (some after 2-3 years of pain), I heard of one girl whose shoulder was healed, Kirsten, my wife, had one leg longer than the other and was healed from that too! After God had done all of this, we worshipped together and glorified Jesus for what He had done. He truly moved as we cried out to Him! This was the answer to the prayers we had been praying that He would do more than we could ask or imagine.

On Sunday morning, Luc took some time to teach on some of the questions that had come up from the night before and it was a good time to really address some of the objections that we have to a night like we had just experienced. It was super helpful for many of the people present. Following this, Luc shared his testimony and led us in a time of inner healing, which, I think was deeply impactful for many in the room.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend. God’s Spirit moved in a profound way. What I found so incredible about it, though, was the fact that it didn’t fit any mould or expectation. It was simply a group of people who were hungry for God and God met them in their place of hunger. My prayer is that we will see incredible fruit from this weekend and that God will reveal to us how we are to continue to steward what He poured out on us as we gathered at camp this weekend. I look forward to what is to come as we continue to pursue the purposes of God together!



What I Do

Before I get to into writing random weekly blogs, I wanted to start out simply by describing what I do with the House of Prayer Edmonton. The House of Prayer Edmonton is a multi-denominational ministry that exists here in Edmonton for the purpose of seeing God’s kingdom established through worship and intercession as well as equipping the Church. Before I go on, what I mean by ‘intercession’ is prayer for others. Being an intercessor means that one takes seriously the calling of God on His church to function as priests. In the Old Testament, it was the job of the priests to stand before God on behalf of the people (stand-between or intercede). We take this very seriously at the House of Prayer Edmonton and make it our mission to consistently this city to God through intercession. Back to the House of Prayer, we seek to practically walk out our mission in a few different ways: the prayer room (we meet at the Marketplace Chapel), discipleship training, and partnering with local Churches. We have seen tremendous growth over the last year and are looking forward to more ways that we can practically walk out our mission statement.
At it’s most basic, my job is simply an “Intercessory Missionary.” Sounds a little intense, but hopefully I can help you understand it a bit.What is an Intercessory Missionary?

(For a much fuller answer, click here for the link to Joshua Hawkins’ blog (an intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City))
To put it as simply as possible, an intercessory missionary is one who commits to giving the whole of their lives to intercession (as I explained above). It is different from a traditional missionary, but just as important in the days to come and in light of what is going on in the world today. Intercessory missionaries are one’s who are radical about prayer and believe that it makes a huge difference and are called to give their lives to the place of prayer. It is a vocation like any other, I see my role as an intercessory missionary as my job. While all believers are called to intercede, some are specifically called to this type of day and night intercession, and there is a Biblical precedent for this.
In Luke 18, Jesus encourages his followers to cry out for justice day and night, in Matthew 9, He encourages His disciples to pray that the Lord would send out labourers in the harvest, in Luke 2, we meet Anna, who devoted herself to day and night prayer for the first coming of Jesus. There are also examples of this type of prayer in the old Testament. King David set up a tabernacle and had numerous singers, musicians, and intercessors cry out day and night in worship to God. I believe wholeheartedly that it is where God has called me to for the time being. If you have any more questions, please check out Josh Hawkins’ blog (link is above) or email me!

So What do I do?
My role as an intercessory missionary is part time. I have chosen to commit 20 hours per week to the House of Prayer, 10 hours of my week are spent in the prayer room either leading worship, joining in intercession, or leading some aspect of ministry within the prayer room. The other 10 hours of my week are mixed. About 3-4 hours per week are spent in study and the remainder are spent doing various projects and fundraising. The House of Prayer does not pay me for my time, I must fully fundraise my own salary. Because of this, I must commit some time weekly to fundraise and communicate with my supporters. (If you would like more information about support and would like to support what I am doing, please click here)
Some of the projects that I am working on involve updating and re-designing our website, marketing and promotion for the House of Prayer (working on videos, various social networking sites, and communicating with local Churches), and preparing for the time I spend leading worship in the prayer room (finding new songs, songwriting, etc.). Each of us as missionaries has a very defined role and we ensure that each week we are following our minimum requirement of prayer room hours and service hours.

Why do I do This?
I began working at the House of Prayer in September, 2010, 4.5 months after I got married. I knew that I was called to the House of Prayer prior to my wedding, as I was volunteering there and really felt like it was a good fit given my strengths and passions. My time here has been incredible and God has only confirmed that it is the place to be for now. From incredible financial miracles, to the preparation and growth that He has done deep inside my heart, there is no doubt in my mind that this is where I should be. Not only do I get to lead worship often, I am constantly living by faith and seeing God come through in ways that only deepen my excitement for, and love of life. Along with this, it has strengthened my musical as well as creative gifts, which has made an impact on the other ministries that I am involved with as well. Many people question if this is wise given a new marriage and the financial inconsistency, but I do believe that this is where God wants me to be and will continue here until He calls Kirsten and I elsewhere.

An Invitation
I would love for you to come to the prayer room and get a better idea of exactly what goes on in there. We have 1.5 hour prayer meetings 2 times every weekday from 9-12 (I lead worship on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 if you would want to see that) in the Marketplace Chapel (West Edmonton Mall 2nd level by Fantasyland Hotel), as well as two 1 hour prayer meetings on Friday night’s from 7-9:00PM in the Marketplace Chapel. What I am most excited about, though, is HoPE Tuesdays! We have 1 hour of prayer and worship followed by 1 hour of teaching (I am often involved in the worship and sometimes am given the opportunity to teach). We meet at the lighthouse (McKernan Baptist Church Youth Building and day-care) at 11125-76 ave from 7-9:00PM (click here for a map).
House of Prayer Edmonton also hosts regular events where we bring in speakers from other Houses of Prayer or simply host special evenings of prayer for specific current happenings. If you want information about this, frequent our website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions, leave a comment here or email me. Any offensive or argumentative comments will be removed! Thanks so much,

Daunavan Buyer