About Me

My Name is Daunavan Buyer and I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and am committed to pouring into the lives of others. I work at McKernan Baptist Church (College & Career Pastor) and am studying at Rochester College in a Masters of Missional Leadership. I am happily married to Kirsten and have been for five years. She and I love to dream about ministry together. I have an incredible family and feel truly blessed to have such a solid foundation for my life.

My Interests include hanging out with my wife, sports (Oilers, Stampeders, Bears, Blue Jays, golf), Music (I play guitar & piano, dabble in songwriting) reading (Willard, Peterson, N.T. Wright), coffee, being with my friends, media & technology,  and leadership development. I love to learn and grow, understanding that there is no point in which I have fully “arrived.” Community is one of the most important things in my life. My Church friends are truly my family and I credit much of who I am to those I spend time with.


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