A Biblical Theology of Healing

Healing is one of the topics that, I believe, has taken a bad rap in many mainline evangelical Churches today. Whether we have felt that healing has been more about hype or even felt abuse in a ‘healing’ service, we have allowed these experiences to shape our theology of healing. Healing is one of the issues in the church that is extremely polarizing. Some believe that God does not heal anymore today while others believe that God will always heal if we have enough faith. I don’t believe that either of these extremes is Biblical. The most important thing that I have come to believe about healing is:

Our theology of healing needs to come from the scriptures rather than our experiences.

Many of us have prayed for God to heal, He hasn’t, and because of this we believe that God no longer heals. I want to say today that this is not a Biblical theology, this is an experiential theology (which is the very thing that mainline evangelicals ironically often accuse charismatic Christians of). When I read through the scriptures, I read way more stories of God healing miraculously than I do of God choosing not to heal. Could we dare to dream that God still works in this way?

Rather than write a long blog post about this, I wanted to share with you a sermon that I preached a few weeks ago, the summer of 2016, about my own healing journey. God has done profound physical and emotional healing in my life, so much so that I cannot even begin to deny His ability to or willingness to heal. Thanks for checking it out, sharing with your friends, and commenting if you wish!



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