Back at It…

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I have updated my blog and for that I want to apologize. I am planning on updating it more regularly from this point forward (and I actually have a plan to do that).

House of Prayer Update


For starters I want to give an update about what has been going on at the House of Prayer. As of October, 2012, House of Prayer has moved into a permanent location at 10445 172 st NW in Edmonton. We share a facility with Victory Church on the Rock and this has been an amazing partnership & experience thus far. In truth, just being able to have all of our prayer nights in the same location has been a huge blessing! I have posted a few photos of the new facility (decked out for our celebration dessert night) below as well so you can get a feel for this awesome new facility! Along with this, I have had a bit of a shift with what I am doing at the House of Prayer. I am still primarily spending time in the prayer room ministering to God and leading worship, but now I am also getting opportunities to teach and lead prayer meetings at other Churches in the city. At HoPE, we value discipleship and want to see churches all over the capital region equipped in the areas of prayer. Just time month I have had/will have the opportunity to minister at three different churches for both facilitating prayer meetings and training others in areas related to a life of prayer. If you are looking for something like this at your church, please contact me!

McKernan Baptist Church Update

Along with being on staff at the House of Prayer, I am also the College & Career Pastor at McKernan Baptist Church. MBC has some incredible things on the go right now. The Church has approved a reconstruction of our entire facility (minus the sanctuary) and that is beginning in 3 weeks! As of May 5, we will be meeting off-site so that the demolition and construction can begin. Our off-site location is McKernan School (located on the corner of 114 st and 76 ave.). While this will bring many challenges, I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to move in this exciting season for our church.

From a College and Career perspective, everything program-wise is winding down but relationally everything feels like it is really taking off! This summer will present a time for us (especially students) to really look at what a Gospel-Centered, missional community looks like and to actually do it. The last few months have been quite significant as I have seen God leading many of the people at C&C in profound ways. There is a very obvious (and profound) sense of urgency amongst the young adults to really embrace life as a disciple. This summer, a core group of us are going to form a missional community and see what this could look like even with the rhythms of the school year.

This has been my quick update, stay tuned as I am looking to be blogging a series on Gospel-Centred Community (based on a sermon that I preached last week at C&C) starting soon (maybe even later today).


Photos of the prayer room/our new facility:







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