Big News

Hello friends, supporters, and everyone else! I am extremely excited to be writing this blog post today as God has been leading me in some very exciting ways and it brings me joy to share it with you all. There’s not too much of a lead up story so I’m just going to say it: last week, McKernan Baptist Church offered me the position of part time College & Career (18-25 year olds) Pastor and I accepted the job. On July 15 I will begin a new and exciting chapter in my life and ministry.

I have been involved with the college and career ministry at McKernan for about five years. Some of this time I have been a part of the official leadership team, other periods of time I simply attended. My experience has been a lot of fun as well as very eye-opening as I have been able to walk with many through periods of great transition, learning, and struggle. Overall, I have seen that many Christian young adults are simply trying to find who they are, who God is, and what God would have for their lives. Finding answers to these formative questions can change a person’s life forever!

I am extremely excited to officially move into this type of ministry part time. I will be overseeing, planning, and facilitating events, raising up and ministering to a leadership team, helping facilitate inter-generational connections at the Church, and, most importantly, making disciples!

My small group had us go through our life vision statement, and I would like to share that with each of you today: “I exist to be a passionate disciple-maker, helping others become ‘alive on the inside’ corporately, relationally, and creatively by engaging in Christian community, by continually becoming a disciple myself, bringing glory to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  My vision in life is to help other people come to a place of finding life, hope, peace, purpose in Jesus, and this is going to be what I am emphasizing as pastor of College and Career at McKernan.

What about HoPE??

My job at the church is 20 hours/week, meaning that I will still be able to work at the House of Prayer Edmonton in my remaining 20 hours/week! These two jobs go very well together as both are flexible and both are all about glorifying Jesus and making disciples. I look forward to how the two jobs can intersect and strengthen both McKernan Baptist Church and House of Prayer Edmonton.

Another exciting news item is that House of Prayer Edmonton is launching Awaken Nights in September. Awaken nights are going to be a city wide call to prayer and worship for 12 hours solid (7:00PM-7:00 AM) once a month. HoPE will facilitate led prayer for the entire 12 hours, the first 4 hours will be held in different venues across the city and will be an opportunity for Christians from all generations and denominations to gather in prayer around relevant themes. Our first awaken night is going to be the 3rd weekend in September and we will most likely be praying for the University Campus’ and Young Adults in the Edmonton region (Mark your calendars, these are going to be incredible nights)!

Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog. If you have any questions about my new job or the House of Prayer please don’t hesitate to ask me.


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